Monday, November 26, 2007

Hillary Chipmunk & Faithmouse / Access Is A Two-Way Street

a Hillary Chipmunk cartoon series 'Access Is A Two-Way Street', as its theme current speculation that Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has been having an ongoing lesbian affair with her personal assistant Huma Abedin

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First cartoon of a highly inappropriate Hillary Chipmunk (Hillary Clinton) cartoon series, focusing on ongoing speculation regarding a possible ongoing homosexual relationship with her personal aid, Huma Abedin.

Snarls, snears and innuendo for Hillary Clinton as attack dogs get ready for the fray - TimesOnline

If this story is true it would certainly add an interesting wrinkle to the current Presidential race, especially considering ongoing debate regarding the impact of pro-Gay activism and the continuing efforts of Christian Conservatives to protect the traditional definition of marriage, both issues having an as of yet unknown influence upon the 2008 election. Whether or not Senator Clinton wishes to address the story is another matter and highly unlikely, considering her campaign's Nixonian attempts to influence and control the media, mainly by denying access (alluded to in the cartoon) to the candidate if they suspect negative coverage, a punitive strategy calculated to make the liberally dominated and highly competitive MSM news media wilt in their Socks.

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