Sunday, November 18, 2007

2007 Holiday Thanksgiving Dinner With Ms. StarMole And The ACLU Ferret (Panel)

a political cartoon

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Cartoonery in progresso. For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

Why bother with an insulting holiday movie when you can get most of the gang together for Thanksgiving dinner? That was Faith's last-minute observation and she was correct; GayBear, Augustine the Cat and Timothy A. Bear hadn't seen one another for quite some time and would have otherwise spent this very special day alone..but there was room for many more at her table. Who could she call?

It was a hard sale but Ms. StarMole finally acquiesced at Faith's insistence; after all, where else could she find a satisfying meal on short notice and at such a reasonable price? Ms. StarMole decided to ignore the fact that a fellow creature would be the centerpiece of attraction; by not contributing to either the cooking or cleaning she would certainly be leaving a smaller carbon footprint upon the planet. Anyway, a good opportunity to treat these simple Christian ignoramuses to a batch of her special Native American Repression Gelatin, which would of course come with a historically accurate back-story to be happily related once the gathering had become too sedated with tryptophan to readily escape the table.

One detail though; that silly rodent had told her she was welcome to bring a guest. Who could she invite...?

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