Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kristina Dimitrova, Taint and Fetus

Welcome to our visitors from SA. I'd post cartoons there again, but it would probably turn out to a short-lived use of $10 as I keep getting banned by Ozma (twice now). Someone should add that postscript to my Encyclopedia of Stupidity listing....

no video of Kristina Dimitrova, Taint & Fetus in the batcave

Bulgarian Kristina Dimitrova might have recently won a best looking bottom competition sponsored by Sloggi in Germany, but she has at least two Minnesota based challengers for cutest dierriere. Sorry, no video! The completed cartoon can be found at POE, Hipinion and Ilxor.

Meanwhile, my Ron Paul/Galilea Montijo cartoon continues to climb in Google image seach results...

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