Saturday, November 17, 2007

Minnesota Mobster Exposed

Not that I should care, but the person who wrote this-

Swiftee, MOB Troll

chastising Swiftee for his very rude artwork, and wondering if by association it should trigger a MOB wide banishment from next year's RNC-

is also the creator of this image-

faithmouse and michelle bachmann

and this Faithmole cartoon (which is actually rather good)-all created following zero personal instigation from the creator of this blog and cartoon.

I would think that, if a liberal blogger is looking for any MOBster to rub in the face of the RNC and sully them by association, it would be the author of a Catholic/Christian/Conservative cartoon called faithmouse. What other MOBster continues to cast scandalous images of naked mice upon the putrid waters of the internet? What other cartoonist is responsible for an image of Archbishop Harry Flynn appearing on Page One of Google Image Search in response to the query 'mouse sex cartoons?' Obviously I'm the most deserving target of whatever good money George Soros is paying to dredge up the muddy waters of the Minnesota blogosphere. Swiftee God bless him couldn't draw his ass if he sat on it and traced it-Mr. Ken Avidor, I'm your man.

Ignore my posts offering to meet liberal critics of my cartoon halfway, followed by subsequent cartoons satirizing Rush Elephant, Mark Foley, or anyone who could get pleasure from watching the execution of a dictator, or that one unfortunate image of Faithmouse beating George Bush about the head with a bible (I was confused). All my efforts to form a bridge with my cartoon between entrenched battlelines have resulted in resounding failure, I give up, uncle. It was all a ruse-I'm a deep threaded wingnut through and through.

Now, on with the whole attention/money/success thing...


vintage wine label,designed by and featuring faithmouse creator Dan Lacey and featured on wine critic Robert Parker web site

Worst Wine Label Out There -

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