Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prince Tells His Fans To PFUnk Off

Prince tells his fans to PFUnk off

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the only reason you say my name
is to get your 15 sec'nds of fame-
nobody's even sure what you do.

Not too Christian to threaten lawsuit after lawsuit upon loyal fans because they dare A. build online shrines to your work B. stuff hundred dollar bills in your 'Once Upon A Child'-sized coat pocket, and C. post pics online of their undecipherable 'artist formerly known as prince' tattoos, or home videos of their toddlers dancing to songs barely audible on background CD players. Far beyond prosecuting illegal music downloading sites, Prince's obsession with intimidating actual money-paying customers brings the definition of ingratitude down to a new level, which for the purple one is a relatively short distance.

Fellow Minnesotan Prince would make a better moral representative of his relatively new-found Christianity if he returned to performing his former 'blue' material onstage in the stead of prosecuting his fans for loving him.

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