Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Post and Link Acknowledgements

Haven't been keeping up with post and link acknowledgements as of late, but here's an abbreviated listing-

Ilxor-'Come with me, come to the land of batsh*t rightwing cartoonists' thread -various posts including some by myself and the most recent Taint toon.

Noisy Room - Added link, thanks!

Hipinion - Continued posts and contributions.

~~slow motion fo me~~ Howard Donkey/Rush Elephant spot.

Post 9/11 Hipster Metal - Ganstas For Lyfe.

Pookie18's Today's Toons thread at Free Republic - Morrissey/Neverborn cartoon.

Libellulidae - Agrees with Vatican Kitty.

Portal Of Evil - Continued contributions in Faithmouse thread.

The Digital Christian - Added regularly updating cartoon; thanks!

Празни приказки и забава - Narnia cartoon.

The three b's - Thanks for the link!

Morrissey Daily - Disturbing, cute, awesome.

SoberRecovery - Paris Hilton/Neverborn cartoon.

Restore The Pledge - 'Take that liberals' post.

超級星光大道♥1-唯愛星光幫 - Neverborn Life cartoon.

Restore The Pledge - Christopher Hitchens, Baby Panda and Frog toon.

Omerta - Ganstas For Lyfe.

dakidarmani - Grateful She's Dead.

Amicabile_Live - Opus Dei.

Immaculate Election - A Ruby Jewels/Rudy Guiliani cartoon.

Tnwo-illuminati - a Paris Hilton cartoon.

Blackboard - Howard Donkey/Rush Elephant.

The Coffee Shop - Trick Or Treat cartoon.

Craigslist - Trick Or Treat.

Backstreets - Bruce Springsteen forum thread on Bored In The USA cartoon.

PrisonPlanet - Bill Clinton/Bin Laden Sex cartoon.

Gaia Online - Trick Or Treat.

P.A. Palace - GayBear.

PhatMass - Restores Power.

~MUZIK AND ME~ Ganstas For Lyfe on MySpace page.

FlevoFestival - Older Neverborn cartoon.

Semo - Neverborn/What About My Rights? cartoon.

Hung Angels - Rudy Guiliani/Ruby Jewels cartoon.

Sexy Ladies Foren-Übersicht - can't remember exactly, but it's there.

Paintball - Faithmouse/Britney Spears/ Life of Brian cartoon.

Rotten Tomatoes - Same.

Stripers Online - Same.

Rugby Rebels - Same.

Feministing - Didn't anyone tell this guy that someone is already on the creepy cartoon fetus thing?

Thor's Blood - 2 pro-military cartoons.

Refleks - Polar Bear Plunge cartoon.

Craig's MySpace - Stop And Praise God cartoon.

OzRodders - Faithmouse/Spears/Grail cartoon again.

SoccerSuck - Faithmouse/Gaybear cartoon.

EFREN - has Flim-Flam Flamingo/Faithmouse cartoon on Myspace page.

Something Awful - listed on megacomics thread (banned from forum by moderator Ozma).

Die UnHeiLiGen Abtrünnigen - Faithmouse/Spears/Grail.

Northland Catholic Roundtable - God Loves You This Much cartoon. Thanks, Ray!

and more......

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