Thursday, December 06, 2007

Al Franken's Party Trick

Mitt Romney is a Mormon

Al Ferret (here in the role of Al Franken) shows Faith a party trick.

Comedian Says Minnesota Run Is a Serious One - NY Times

Al Franken (creator of the 'Supply Side Jesus' anti-conservative parody, which was much less respectful to the Christian faith than the fake scenario he was mocking) stands here in the role of Al Ferret, displaying one of the recent party tricks he likes to perform at campaign meet-and-greets-drawing from memory every position he's held on the Iraq troop surge.

'Comedian' references to Franken in the MSM Media seem to have taken the place of much more respectful 'author' 'writer' 'talk-show host' and 'former talk show host' descriptions, revealing the barely concealed disdain of most liberal journalists towards a media personality who's made a lot more money hating the right than they themselves have managed up to this point.

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