Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hillary's Dirt Becomes The Story

You don't have to listen too closely to hear that steady chop chop chop coming from the heart of liberal woodland; it's the sound of the MSM deciding en mass to fell a squat, pant suited tree.

How did this sorry spectacle transpire? Let us review-

Leathered by years of monkey cartoons and comedy central skits, Mr. Bush continues to plow ahead with his agenda, media and public opinion be darned. Defying Time magazine predictions of non-influence, the President benefits from just shy of double the current approval rating of the dead-on-arrival Dem controlled Congress. He's getting everything he wants, nearly. The self-neutered MSM, taken out of the influence game as a result of their own snarky arrogance can only stand by and wait for the coming Democratic liberation, where all former glory is certain to be reconfirmed upon them with regal aplomb…by Barack Obama.

Now, back to that chop chop chop.

Three weeks before the Iowa caucuses is a bad time to launch a smear campaign which infers the candidate is queen and media no more than droning vassals expected to knock Lancelot from his horse. Established news outlets, so long the enablers of Clinton and Co.'s underhanded game plan seem to have coalesced around the opinion that job #1 is to survive the current topsy-turvy circus of old media versus new. Perhaps, the press has decided, it isn't worth indenturing oneself to a second, nastier Bubba presidency and all of the career deciding Clintonian manipulations and threats which promise to go along with it.

No surprise then that suddenly Hillary can't stoke up the dirt onto her opponents without the dirt itself becoming the story. This was demonstrated yesterday when we learned that the campaign in New Hampshire had shaken its head in shame at the Senator’s past drug use, even though Mr. Obama fully admits to inhaling. Only a few days previous, Andrew Young's recent reference to Obama's reputed womanizing was reported to have came across as a humorless Bill Clinton joke, a feat which previously wasn't thought possible. Seeing Hillary's numbers plummet as a direct result of actual reportage must create a Cialis glow in shrinking newsrooms throughout the land, even though the MSM is merely passing along unwhored the same stuff the conservative blogosphere has been putting out there since Gosh knows when, ...since pre-FreeRepublic I suppose, if it's possible to peer that far back in the mist.

So, what does this have to do with Christ (I hear you wonder, wonder..)? With Bill Clinton's wife out of the race early, a social issues conservative such as Mike Huckabee has a real chance of beating a first term Senator from Illinois with no foreign policy experience in a time of war. Six months ago digital theophobes openly celebrated Mr. Guiliani’s seeming coup and the banishment of the Religious Right from the GOP. We're far from the Promised Land, but as of this writing there's a real possibility of a Bush 3.

Whether or not a President Huckabee or Romney would unwaveringly support social conservative benchmarks remains to be seen, although I suspect the answer would be no based upon their past non-performance as fiscal conservatives (which is why I find it difficult to get enthusiastic about either candidate). We may however be able to trust these two with the courts. If conservatives can retain the privilege of appointing judges for a successive pseudo-conservative administration there's a chance Christians may retain the liberty to occasionally reveal themselves as hypocrites in schools and city council chambers across the land, which would be a good thing. Making public fools of themselves is the God-granted right of every person of faith, a ruler against which all others liberties are measured.

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