Monday, December 03, 2007


Mitt Romney is a Mormon

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Mitt Should Can "The Speech" - David Limbaugh

My goodness, Governor Mitt Romney sir-stop sticking your finger in it. If Orrin Hatch was a serious contender for the GOP presidential nomination his honorable Mormon faith would be a non-issue... because his record as a conservative isn't.

Now the news is that Mitt will give some sort of nonsense JFK 'separation' speech for the benefit of the media and Democrats, when he really needs to convince skeptical evangelicals within his own party that his faith, no matter how 'odd' it may seem, truly forms the bedrock of his conservatism. Evangelicals within the GOP may embrace Mitt if he reveals himself as being a man of deep conviction, but it seems he won't which should ensure dismissal from his peers.

Contrary to perception, Mr. Romney hasn't been shy to reference his faith as a means of bolstering his suspect conservative creds, but now he needs to explain why-something which even fellow Mormon Orrin Hatch has encouraged the candidate to do this coming Thursday.

Does Mr. Romney have the correct conviction of his heart to appeal to all of Christiandom; that is, faith in Christ above tenets, and loyalty to tenets because they flow from a heartfelt interpretation of the will of Christ? We may never know.

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