Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Golden Ferret

The golden compass is a big bomb

The Golden Compass meets The ACLU Ferret.

The box office failure of The Golden Compass is a blow to those sympathetic to the establishment of an anti_Catholic film franchise on the scale of The Lord Of The Rings and Narnia. My guess is that we won't be seeing any poseable collectable figurines representing characters in The Subtle Knife (or their demonic familiars) anytime soon.

For the 'Sunday Funnies' at Stop The ACLU.

stop the golden ACLU ferret compass

Thanks to Psycheout for posting the recently revised Al Franken (or Ferret) Party Trick to Blogs4Brownback as this week's 'Faithmouse Friday' cartoon.

Dain Ironfoot posts last year's Stop The ACLU Ferret/Open Mike Comedy Night cartoon to the discussion forum.

Faithmouse hops into page one Google image search rankings under the search term political cartoon.

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