Friday, December 07, 2007

Golden Compass

Faithmouse goes to see 'The Golden Compass'

Click image above for larger cartoon. Largest.

What Every Parent Should Know About "The Golden Compass"-Zenit

Plan to Turn Anti-Christian Books into Super-Series after "Golden Compass" Released- LifeSite

Faith with a very open mind goes to see 'The Golden Compass' and is more than a little surprised to learn who's playing the bears (hotel bible vandalizing anti-Christian celebrity Ian McKellen is billed as the voice of the bear Iorek Byrnison-the others are concealed deeply within CGI fursuits). The inclusion of Harry Reid is due to his recent condemnation of conservative Christians at BYU, Steve Martin for his mocking of Mel Gibon's Passion Of The Christ (looking forward to Steve's upcoming New Yorker Magazine article flaying Compass for its unabashed pro-atheist book promoting hucksterism), Linda Ronstadt who doesn't like singing for Christians)-Et al.

Run Ronny Run's MySpace uses the Neverborn/Bob Ross cartoon as the background.

Steph! posts the Worm Vulvas toon to Legoweave's MySpace page. The Shins sound like The Smiths.

Somewhere in DJForums you can find the ACLU Ferret/The Christians Are Coming! cartoon.

Right As A River has the ACLU Grinch toon from last year.

TylerTequila's MySpace page has the Da Vinci Commode toon, also from last year. 28 Days sounds like The Flaming Lips.

The Republican Humor Yahoo Group has the Mitt Romey is a Mormon, Mormon, Mormon! toon.

Erica's MySpace uses the Neverborn/Eviction Notice toon as the background image.

LOUIS*EL*PAPI posts the Ganstas For Lyfe toon to his i-dressup blog.

Pookie18 posts the recent Mitt Romney toon to Thursday's Today's Toons thread at FreeRepublic.

A thread at Anubis Boards displays the Neverborn/Women's Rights Begin In The Womb cartoon.

Sarah's MySpace has a Neverborn/Hillary Chipmunk cartoon; friendship required.

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