Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Click above to view larger image. Largest.

Intended the above as a new Christmas Day cartoon in three panels; 1-Neverborn flies through a very large 'O' in the word 'joy', 2-Faith enters as seen above, and 3-Timothy A. Bear tries to enter through a much smaller 'joy' with the word becoming stuck around his neck.

I settled for the above; simpler and especially quicker since I'm engaged in so much painting.

Journalfen - ACLU Christmas Grinch cartoon

Blogs4Huckabee - Huckacross cartoon

Elvis Ramone MySpace - Neverborn/Morrissey

Soccer Hooligan - Blue Gaybear cartoon

Morrissey Solo Forum - Neverborn/Morrissey cartoon

Pookie 18's Today's Toons at FreeRepublic - ACLU Ferret toon

Gummybearz MySpace - Christ With Dead Children

Cdarnau MySpace - Happy New Year Portal of Evil cartoon

Jesus F*** - Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrims cartoon

Wide Awakes - ACLU Ferret toon

Wheels on Steel - Terrible Mistake cartoon

Nafl - Neverborn/Delivery Refused, Return To Sender

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