Monday, December 10, 2007

Colorado Christian Shootings

Four killed and six injured in two separate attacks against Christians in Colorado

Click image above for larger cartoon. Largest.

Four die (including the gunman) and an additional six are wounded in two separate attacks Sunday against Christians in Colorado.

Thanks to Karen at Karen's Korner for the posting the above to her Police confirm megachurch shooter is Matthew Murray, 24 post.

Commentator beenthere has kind words for faithmouse at Michelle Malkin.

A thread at Igbgaming displays the Christmas LOL Cat cartoon from last year.

Hillary Chipmunk makes her way onto a thread at qubetv.

Thanks to Christine for including faithmouse on her new MySpace WorldIMHO.

Hollie-Is-Right's LiveJournal is just one of the sites showing the most recent ACLU Ferret cartoon via Stop The ACLU's feed.

Kaiserfam's StumbleUpon features the regularly updating toon in his thumb's up for our Catacombers affiliate.

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