Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kitty Lucia

Santa Lucia day; cats and saffron buns

Happy belated Santa Lucia Day!

Saint Lucy-Catholic Online

Holiday: Lucia Day, December 13-SwedishKitchen

Sorry I'm late-a stalled cartoon was blocking the road.

This was supposed to be about those glow-in-the-dark cats from South Korea, which seemed like a pretty nifty idea two days ago. The candles on top of Augustine's head were meant to look like tall strands of DNA, only glowing. You'll just have to imagine how awesome a Glowing Cloned Cat With DNA Head-Wreath/Santa Lucia Day cartoon might have been because I sure couldn't draw it.

My wife and I like to serenade our skittery white seal point Lucia with the following sweet lyric, which amuses us endlessly:

Kitty cat on the bed
Purring besides our head
Kitty Lucia, Kitty Lucia!

-sung to the tune of the original Italian folksong.

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