Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas, 2007

Baby Jesus in manger Christmas drawing

I'm going to take a hacienda from the cartoon and produce Catholic themed oils instead. You can keep track of the paintings both here and at the original
If you have a more traditionally oriented Catholic site you should be very pleased with the newer work, especially if you're running the regularly updating image.
I started a Faithmouse archive and forum about a month ago, which I'll return to now and then for the purpose of posting all past cartoonery. Not absolutely sure how many past toons I've drawn but I suspect it's over one thousand. It'll take some time.
Anyway, I've decided the above cartoon makes for a very nice segway on turning the site over to more spiritual, realistic work. Many visitors don't realize that I have a background as a displayed and published oil painter previous to creating Faithmouse.
Anyway, Merry Christmas! Should have a new Mother Teresa painting posted in a day or three. If you have any suggestions for Catholic-themed oils, I'll be happy to consider them.

Thanks to Psycheout at Blogs4Brownback for his most recent Faithmouse Friday.

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Taylor's MySpace - Baby Morrissey cartoon

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