Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's Draw Mel Gibson Cartoons

This is a Mel Gibson / The Passion Of The Christ cartoon, in progress

Cartoon in progress...

Faithmouse is #1 with a bullet on Google under the searchs term 'Mel Gibson Cartoons' and 'Mel Gibson cartoon' let's draw more Mel Gibson cartoons.

The recent Eviction Notice cartoon has landed on the Poor Mojo Newswire as a post titled Charge the little ******* rent - Women are Housing Projects for Fetuses (If only all abortion foes were as dumb as this one).

I recently learned that faithmouse was listed on page fifteen in the 2006 Guide to Christian Comics, edited by Richard Flores and presented by the CCAS: Christian Comics Arts Society. The compilation debuted at Comic Con International: San Diego in July.

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