Sunday, August 27, 2006

Heart Of America, In Progress

Heart of America restaurant, Iowa 1st Congressional district race

Iowa First District Race Could Signal Trend For 2008 - Fox News

A cartoon in progress on the subject of the 1st Congressional district race in Iowa, where Republican and House of America restaurant founder Mike Whalen is running against Democrat and trial lawyer Bruce Braley.

Democratic Underground has a thread linking my financial failings to the Bush economy. In this same thread you can also find this Howard Donkey toon from last year-

Howard Dean / Howard Donkey

Reminds me that I need to finish that Howard Donkey Catholic Outreach Director cartoon begun a few weeks ago.

Anightwlkr's friends page is one of the places where you can find the recent Hello, Fingers toon via the Stop The ACLU feed.

And now, some gratuitous faithmouse Google rankings-

#1 Christian editorial
#1 Catholic cartoon
#1 conservative Christian cartoon
#1 pro life cartoon and cartoons
#1 anti abortion cartoon and cartoons
#1 prayer cartoon

And my personal favorite-
#1 crazy conservative Christian cartoon

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