Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Can't Get Through To The ACLU

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A Stop The ACLU / Neverborn cartoon, in progress.
For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.
Tailrank displays the toon above via Stop The ACLU's feed, as does V.R.W.C. Agent Network. Faithmouse stats says that Fatherhood Forever is showing the Right To Exist cartoon, but darn if I can find it.
The recent Eviction Notice cartoon appeared a few days ago on Feministing. Thanks to Pharmacists For Life International for posting a recent Neverborn toon. A Neverborn toon from a few years ago which desperately needs a redraw has found its way to this Bolt2 forum.
As for the 'I wanna find that abortion cartoon on Newgrounds now' comment on the Bolt2 forum; I've also always felt that faithmouse would make for an entertaining animated series (Newgrounds is largely a flash animated cartoon gallery). Many times when I draw a cartoon I feel that I'm isolating a single image from a much longer animated storyline. In my fantasy world where all this happens I'm holding out for the right to write the scripts.
While we're on the subject of entertaining, I've decided after a few long thoughts to bring back the character of Gaybear. I suspect this will be a disappointment to those who applauded the Gaybear to Francis transformation, but the new ex-Gaybear Francis is as dull as dishwater and I can't think of a darn thing to do with him. He made better points for Christianity when he was both Gay and Christian and the whole gang loved him regardless. This is an artistic and an entertainment decision rather than a theological one, which I shy away from anyway just because I don't feel I'm qualified. Faithmouse is art which runs on a track parallel to my beliefs, but not necessarily so.
I thought up a few scenarios to bring back the character, but the end result of all of them would be to 'revert' ex-Gaybear to Gaybear, and I think that would sing false. The much prolonged storyline for this year of 2006 has Timothy A. Bear waking up after a two year sleep on a Squealy mattress to find that his world has changed dramatically: Gaybear has become Francis by way of devotion to the blessed Virgin, Augustine the Cat has become a priest, Atheist Ms. StarMole is a liberal Catholic, and Faith has married Blackbear and has six children, four of them adopted. The 'new' and current faithmouse storyline, which I originally created because I was depressed and decided to end the cartoon with all the characters possessing at least a little happiness, has its own internal dynamic, which I feel would be broken if I turned about and put part of it into reverse. Now I'm sort of interested to see where it goes.
The time-kink I've discovered in my own storyline is that missing two year period. A lot took place during and before that time, so I'll just draw that missing time. This is the period when Timothy still worked in the casino and thought of Faith as his girlfriend, when Faith was still crusading for truth and justice and had yet to meet her future husband Blackbear, when Augustine the Cat was still analyzing all things theological and had not as of yet heard his calling to the priesthood, when Gaybear still thought of himself as a homosexual and Ms. StarMole was our villain, which she really can't help but be. Neverborn remains Neverborn-even when he's pre-Neverborn in the womb, he's still Neverborn. The difference in all of this is that you the visitor already know the future of the characters, and of course there's the slow addition of all of those 'liberal' toons I made the commitment to introduce into faithmouse after the Something Awful hoo-too-do of a few months ago.
The final element is something I call POWER OF CHRIST, an encompassing theme I've flirted with here and there in the past but haven't committed to making a leading presence in the cartoon. POWER OF CHRIST looks like this, and this, and this. Most recently, this.

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