Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Badass For Life

Neverborn cartoon, badass for life

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Anarchist Cookbook at Cannabis' gangsta oriented MySpace Cannabisplanet has posted the Bad Ass For Life cartoon above, as has Ray at our own Stella Borealis: Catholic Northland Roundtable . Now that's a diverse audience. Thanks to EthicalGOP at Conservababes for posting the Bad Ass cartoon as well.

A hat tip to Alan Keyes' Renew America for posting the recent Devilcat Thanks Mel Gibson cartoon. The Right To Exist cartoon appeared recently on Truth And Action via their Pro-Life Blogs newsfeed. Barsom's MySpace page is showing the We're Going To The Hunter S. Thompson Suicide Party! cartoon. Mike aka HSN on his MySpace Glory To The Hynotoad page displays the Canada Day toon as evidence Americans aren't as bad as some people say they are. Melban's Live Journal Foobar State Of Mind displays the most recent Can't Get Through To The ACLU via the Stop The ACLU feed. Misty posted the For All You Do, This Thanks Is For You cartoon on Greg's MySpace page.

Received this email from Jereme-

Hi, I have been displaying your cartoons on my site for quite a while. I have recently updated the look of my site and have decided to use your cartoons as the main feature of the home page. I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful content. You can check out my site at WhatWouldJesusDownload.com God Bless-


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