Monday, August 21, 2006

G.K. Chesterton Exercise, In Progress

Preview of cartoon in progress.
Pope Benedict Quotes GKC - Blog Of The ACS
The American Chesterton Society

I'm inspired by the support and comments of last week, so I've thrown about twenty irons into the fire.

In one of the storyline panels from a few months ago I touched on Timothy's probem with addiction to the internet. Like to make some time to expand upon that this week. It's a subject which crosses religious and political affiliations, and should yield some entertaining and perhaps recognizable images.

Timmah420 has given us a link and post at his Remain Calm, Buy Ducktape. Jay Stephenson has returned from his vacation and has posted last week's Stop The ACLU cartoon as the most recent Sunday's Funnies post. Tailrank and a number of other sites are displaying the cartoon via Stop The ACLU's livefeed. Thanks to Amergina for adding the faithmouse feed to her Live Journal site.

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