Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thanks For The Donations, A New Cartoon, A Better Idea

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I've already received a few hundred dollars in donations, which I very much appreciate. The donations inspired me to finish the toon above, which I actually started about a year ago. Should make for a great sparklie.

Paul at Thoughts Of A Regular Guy has given the cartoon a post, as has Ray at our own Stella Borealis. Thanks to Elizabeth at Daily Inklings for her post as well. BrianNM on his junk page has collected an archive of some of my past work to this point, which reminds me that I'd like to get around to posting a page of some of my earliest B series cartoons. A hat tip to Agent#1 for posting a link to the Mel Gibson TEQUILA! toon on ClanBob Forums. Pookie18 at his Today's Toons thread on Free Republic has included the Thumbs Up For The U.K. toon. The folks at Something Awful have a few creative observations regarding my financial difficulties. No hard feelings, I guess I've asked for it. Mcgroarty on the SA board has posted the in-progress version of the Madonnna's True Confessional Tour cartoon, which is one of my past favorites. Here's the finished version, which was posted a few months ago on this site-

the madonna's true confessional tour

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

I think my error with the pledge drive was in making the progress bar too long. I don't know how to make a true progress bar which responds to real time donations, so my progress bar is just a picture of a progress bar which I created in Photoshop. I'll probably get rid of it soon, both because it bums me out to look at it but moreso because I have a better idea for raising funds to pay for faithmouse...

I've long noticed that other web comic artists such as Charlie Trotman who draws Templar, Arizona and a number of other excellently illustrated cartoons has what might be referred to as a pay-for-cartoon system. Charlie asks for donations, in her case $100, and when she has that amount donated by her fans she draws a new cartoon. Let's do that.

I've already received a few hundred dollars in donations (thank you!) so two cartoons are paid for, the one above and the one I need to finish below. Donations are now being accepted for cartoon number three.

I'm mailing out thank-you postcards to those who have already contributed to my stupid crisis. If you make a donation and allow me your address, I'll do the same for you as well, only it will include an original cartoon drawn on the back of the postcard (please send more than .01 as someone has recently contributed, as postage is now .34). George Herriman used to do the same for his KrazyKat fans, something I recently discovered from the Fantagraphic Krazy Kat collection 1933-1934.

God bless, and thanks again!

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