Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Faithmouse MySpace Page

faithmouse on MySpace

Inspired by the recent posts of the cartoon on a number of MySpace pages, I decided to kickstart my own MySpace page, which I created about a year ago and quickly forgot about. There isn't much on the site yet (please email me if you know how to make a MySpace comment box transparent) but by visiting the page you can hear the original faithmouse sing and play our cartoon's theme song Sing Praise. Nifty to have a theme song.

The MySpace page will make for a nice repository of small, downloadable images for avatars and cell phone backgrounds. It may also help to bring the cartoon to web surfers outside of our normally traveled channels. Now and then I've found inspiration for a cartoon during a MySpace visit, so I may learn a few new tricks there as well.

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