Friday, August 25, 2006

Ann Coulter Mouse

Ann Coulter cartoon
Click cartoon above for larger image. Largest.

An Ann Coulter cartoon I've been carting around in my head for the past year. The drawing of Ms. StarMole and Faithmouse on the left was actually scanned directly from a drawing on a postcard, which is available to anyone who would like to make a donation to the site.

Thanks to Pookie18 for posting the The End, Again cartoon on his Todays' Toons thread at Free Republic. Major-_-turnon in his Poe News forum posts Reasons why I love Dan Lacey, Part 1. The Bible Flyer cartoon has shown up on the St. Blog's Parish aggregator. Spix et chicho in this Hipinion thread believes that 'Dan Lacey's mind operates on a plane of thought a million lightyears away from normal human beings'. Yes, that is a problem.

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