Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Worldwide Faithmouse

I've created a safe, dialogueless, non-political faithmouse cartoon site. Here's the first cartoon, which is actually the first panel of a two panel cartoon, but I think it serves well as the cartoon of the day-

In the second panel the bowl overflows with POWER OF CHRIST, an image which should make for an effective cartoon on its own.

I've decided to ask Jereme at What Would Jesus Download to change his link to this safe site. Since Jereme's free open source operating system Ubuntu Christian Edition is attracting a good amount of international attention, this serves both my interests and those of his visitors. There isn't a worldwide Christian cartoon understandable in any language, so let's create it.

I've always tried to maintain an open attitude towards those who criticize the cartoon, and I've tried to post work for various audiences and purposes. For those who haven't abandoned visiting the site during my wilder experimentations, but would like a safer, non-controversial faithmouse cartoon to link to, thanks for your patience. Here's the link-

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