Friday, August 11, 2006

Thumbs Up For The U.K.

Thank you, Great Britian / United Kingdom cartoon, from the United States of America

Click for larger image. Largest.

A great big thank-you to our friends in Great Britian for foiling the liquid explosive terrorist airline plot. This cartoon's for you.

If I could kiss the United Kingdom on the lips, I would.

Thanks to Barb at SFO Mom for posting the above cartoon. Pro-Life Victoria will be using the What About MY Rights? cartoon in a future powerpoint presentation. Moderator Conservamom at Abortion Debate is using the Badass cartoon as her avatar. Cathworld is displaying the Badass toon as a recent bloglight. Thanks to hey-streethawk for posting the Hunter S. Thompson cartoon on his hey-streethawk: MySpace page; as a result the toon has appeared on a number of friend sites as well. Tim Long has added our link to his Freeper info page.

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