Monday, January 23, 2006

Blogging by T.V.

Following a long day at the Blogs4life conference and the March For Life, Chris is soaking her toes in the tub and I'm blogging via a television internet service from our hotel room. The web area presented by 'Hotel TV' is the size of a business card and can only be navigated by the tab key on a mini wireless keyboard. It's a limited and time consuming process but oddly entertaining; comparable to drawing with your 'wrong' hand or playing Pong. As options are limited I'll wait until our return to the Twin Cities to make a full report on our excursion to the nation's capitol. Suffice to report for now that it was exceedingly successful.

Haloscan won't allow me to log on to moderate comments, so I'll post those on our return as well. Future 'Hotel TV' bloggers may wish to keep that limitation in mind.

One of the more useful things I was able to do (other than pretend to be a celebrity) was to take photographs of the many magnificent sights all along the 'Mall' (the expanse between and including the Supreme Court and the Lincoln Memorial) which should help make for some dandy future cartoons. I also have photographs from both the conference and the March, which I'll post as well.

Thanks to all the 'sponsor bloggers' who donated both funds and prayers for our trip. Thanks also to all the great folks Chris and I met at the Family Research Council. It was truly a day without cynicism.

God bless!

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