Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Pile On

Click cartoon for larger image. Super Size Me.

Faithmouse appears regularly on the Sunday Funnies post at Stop The ACLU, which following a December algorithm tweak has been progressively making its way back into the TTLB Top Ten.
Didn't nearly have enough ferrets or moles available for the usual suspects so I settled for a sampling of mainly the worst offenders as documented by Progress For America.

Thanks to big guy Chad at 4 The Little Guy for adding faithmouse to his blogroll.

Faithmouse has received a few visits from Cardinal Hayes Catholic High School in the Bronx (I attended O.L.P.H. in the Sunset Park neighborhood) and which just happens to have a cartooning club. Now that's hip. I imagine I'm one of the few editorial cartoonists on the net who doesn't mind posting cartoons in progress, a process which I hope is as helpful to other cartoonists as it's proved itself to be for myself. There's something peculiarly informative about seeing drawings backlit and surrounded by text.....

For Michael at The Waffling Anglican.

A new Blogs4Life promo cartoon, also in progress.

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