Friday, January 27, 2006

Jewel's March For Life {gallery}

This little girl’s tiny voice rang out clear and loud as a bell. While the adults around her prayed, she alone cried out “Roe V Wade Has Got to Go! Roe V Wade Has Got To Go!” -Jewel at ~Jewels~of~the~Jungle~

~Jewels~of~the~Jungle~ places you in the heart of the March with her must-see photo gallery.

The photo above was taken at the barricade in front of the Supreme Court. The barricade, the man praying, the children with their mouths open, the marble steps, all invoke a communion rail. I don't know if Jewel was thinking the same when she took the photo, but this is the sort of art a person can create when they are in tune with the emotional weight of their subject.

Thanks, Jewel.

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