Thursday, January 26, 2006

More March For Life photos, and cartoon #2 in progress

Click image for larger size.

Second of a set of four cartoons.

Here a few more photos from the National March For Life-

A particularly colorful crew.
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A message in the sand. Click for larger image.

The March in Washington and local complimenting marches have become something of the Great American Catholic pilgrimmage, a public expression of faith for which U.S. Christians have a real hunger. As we stood before the grandstand Chris and I couldn't help but feel that we were in St. Peter's Square again in the pilgrimmage year of 2000.
One of the questions posed at the Blogs4Life conference was how to engage neutral forces reachable through cyberspace in the pro-life movement. I would say that posting and distributing photographs such as these is a good way to help generate positive press at the grass roots level by truthfully depicting the marchers for who they are; an increasingly young group of people engaged in a reverent pilgrimmage for life. Three cheers, Right To Life!
More photos from the March tomorrow.

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