Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blogs4Life / The Waffling Anglican, In Progress

Ran across this comment posted recently on Misunderestimated Germans-

I only follow the mainstream press to find out what the official party line is on a particular issue. No issue is simple straightforward enough to be summarized by the sort of newsbytes that these people turn out.
Most of my info comes from websites, many of them rather liberal & left-wing, but also from conservative sites like yours, which I ran across on the Faithmouse site. I figure that the real story is hiding out there in the no-man's land between the various viewpoints.

I feel pretty good about being a conduit. I visit sites on the left now and then for opposing viewpoints, but to be honest it's usually an unpleasant activity. Normally there's some ongoing and embedded insult against Christianity and the intelligence of Midwesterners, and as an added bonus you don't have to scroll very far to find the profanity, which is by route aimed at President Bush or one of his close associates. It got old around 2003.

I'm happy to be associated with the extremists because I know what some term the 'Far Right' is actually the great American middleground. Every current moderate conservative position has been touted during the past decade by the left as the height of intolerance and selfishness. Our nation has an innate conservative sensibility born from hard work and the pride of resultant accomplishment, a sensibility which can be traced philosophically back to the great Edmund Burke, who recognized that the French were throwing out the baby with the bathwater for the sake of revolution.

The American definition of personal responsibility can't be separated from our nation's historical relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. Many Americans owe Christ big time, myself included. Like many, Christ saved me from a destruction of my own doing. The liberty I would wish to extend to the individual (inside the womb and out) is best moderated by personal responsibility, not the dictates of a nanny state. This is why a government purged of the individual and personal faith of its citizens can only become a monster, making decisions and non-decisions on every aspect of human life without regard to right and wrong. The warning cry against 'theocracy' is only the ongoing attempt of the left to frighten citizens away from the very personification of our values-the person of Christ Himself.

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