Friday, January 06, 2006

Blogs4Life / Prolifeblogs Toon, In Progress

I'm failing trackbacks. That's equal to failing recess. Like dancing, everyone seems able to do it but me. I've decided to abandon the process and wait to be struck with my moment of trackback epiphany (however, I need to give the good Mr. Yoest one more try).

The above is a sponsor toon for Tim at Prolifeblogs, which will be followed by a sponsor toon for Rick at Holycoast. Then we'll have a toon for the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU. Monday will start with the first of two more sponsor toons, for rare female web designer Natalie at Natalie Jost and Lennie at Cross Blogging.

Cheers to our sponsors! These designs are a lot of fun and remind me of my 'T-Shirt' days in Lake Havasu City during the 1980's when I designed hundreds of shirts for the local businesses and the tourist trade. If you made a fool of yourself on a boat on Lake Havasu in the summer, or ran over something with your R.V. near London Bridge in the winter, you were probably doing so wearing one of my 'Spanky's Silkscreening' designs.

I've decided to follow the lead of my friend Jean at Catholic Fire (which has a great new look) and enable comment moderation. I apologize for the inconvenience, especially to past posters. I've lucked out (shouldn't that be lucked in?) with excellent commentators, but Jean's experience reminds me that I should do what I can to make the site more child friendly, something I've neglected for the sake of being accessible. The popular media refuses to acknowledge the possible presence of children at all audiences. I'm guilty of that as well, especially by way of my linking to people who curse at the cartoon; I'll get my wheels back on the right track.

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