Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blogs4Life, March For Life, and a new cartoon

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First of a set of four cartoons establishing a few significant changes I'm making to faithmouse. A new banner for the cartoon is in progress but not quite ready to post. You can view it here.

Chris and I arrived the night before the successful and well attended Blogs4Life conference via Midwest Airlines, which smoozes its customers with classical music, real Corinthian leather seats and warm chocolate chip cookies. Viva Midwest Airlines! Any additional Weight Watchers points accumulated from the cookies were heartily walked off the next day.

The Family Research Council building is only a few blocks away from the MCI center, and has a marvelous frieze above the doorway proclaiming Faith and Family. Inside, the good people of the FRC were kind enough to allow the use of a table to display cartoons and sign autographs, which got moved a time or two as I constantly managed to get in the way. The conference was full and began with a greeting from FRC fellow Charmaine Yoest before the playing of the infamous 'No lights, no sirens' Cristin Gilbert 911 tape.

Charmaine Yoest, listening to the Cristin Gilbert 911 tape.

Other speakers included workaholics Tim from Pro-Life Blogs and Peter from March Together, the latter who can be seen in the doctored photograph below sitting with the wonderful La Shawn Barber (s'kay; I have an artistic license).

Here's another image salvaged from a poor digital photograph which features Jonathan and Deborah Flora, the husband and wife team behind the A Distant Thunder partial-birth abortion DVD, for whom I designed a promotional image a few months back. I've photoshopped a bit of my original illustration onto the wall behind them.

The Flora's were exceeding positive and kind, as were the fellow bloggers I was fortunate enough to speak with, including the Stem Cell Extremist, Augs from Realitycheck (dot) ie (still traveling the U.S. before returning to her base of Ireland), Galen of Pro-Life With Christ, Paul at Freelanders, Fr. Johannes Jacobse at Orthodoxy Today, reporter Natalie Harris from Patrick Henry University, a UPI reporter who's name escapes me, and others who's names and blogs I'm sorry to have lost track of. God bless all!
At the end of the conference Chris and I lagged while packing up and therefore lost track of the famous bloggers who had left before us to join the march. We had a grand time as a squad of two, marching around in the rain amongst a sea of college aged kids and distributing cartoons to all who noticed and commented on our 'Neverborn' postage stamp sign.

Marching past the Nation Archives. Met Father Tom Carleton sign guy on this corner, an important site which would make for a great Neverborn cartoon. Soon after taking this photo the rain started. Click to view larger image.

Chris with the Capitol in the distance. This area was to the direct east of the main stage. You can see a few fellow marchers behind Chris perhaps looking at our sign, which attracted a number of appreciative comments. Click to view larger image.

Shy protestor letting his shirt do the talking.

In Italian -I want to live. Other marchers in this area were from Poland and Russia.

Franciscans of the Renewal, New York State.

Thanks to cartoon sponsor Elizabeth at Daily Inklings for linking to this post. More pics from the March and toon #2 of the current series tomorrow....

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