Sunday, January 08, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Smile, It's Justice Sunday

Stacy Harp has arrived in Philadelphia as an event blogger for Justice Sunday and has posted a few camera pics of the inside of a swanky Philly hotel room on her Mind and Media site. My experience with photographs on blogs is that they are usually too dark, so I've taken the liberty of lightening one of Stacy's camera pics in Photoshop (the same procedure which USA Today claimed caused Condi's cat eyes a few months ago) and labeled the shot for easy reference.

Click for bigger picture

I've decided to put the 'Pledge Allegiance To The New Quebec' Stop The ACLU toon on simmer and post the one below instead. The pledge toon had just too much detail to finish in time; as usual my eyes proved bigger than my clock. Thanks to Air Force Vet The Violence Worker for inspiring the toon.

Thanks to Possum at D Dot's Rants for adding the updating feed. GOP Christian has added a link as well as the cartoon itself to their news page. Thanks to Catholic Family Campaign which has also added the toon. Honors, all.

Elizabeth at Daily Inklings has come onboard as a sponsor. Thanks, Elizabeth! Thanks also to Michael at The Waffling Anglican for doing the same. I'll be placing all of these donor cartoons into a booklet which I'll make available at the conference and foist upon anyone who may or may not seem interested. Concerned Women For America (the same group which had the bloody pro-choice protestor a few days ago) has offered its facilities as a rest stop along the march route, so I'll try to drop off a few copies there as well.

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