Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blogs4Life / The Waffling Anglican

Click image for larger size. Biggie size me.

For Mike the Geek at The Waffling Anglican. The 'A womb of my own!' protestor was inspired by a picture on NOW's 2004 March For Women's Lives, a protest Mike suggested as a theme for his cartoon. The Black Neverborn in this cartoon holds an Anglican Rosary.

Thanks to Natalie Jost for the additional post of her toon on her 10ft-2ft. Stacy Harp has logged a number of posts promoting both Blogs4Life and this cartoon; sorry I haven't acknowledged them all but here's the latest. By the way, Stacy's toon appears on the Italian pro-life site The Telescope. Thanks to Lennie on Cross Blogging for the post of his toon including previous versions. Thanks to Shirl for adding a faithmouse link to her The Other Side. Thanks also for all the comments I haven't responded to as of yet. They're appreciated!

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