Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Please Sponsor faithmouse at Blogs4Life

Chris (the original faithmouse) and I are traveling to Washington in a few weeks to participate as conference bloggers at the first annual Blogs4Life, which is being sponsored and hosted at The Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Immediately following the conference we'll be participating in the March For Life, where we'll be on the prowl for Starbucks and using up a lot of hand and foot warmers.

I have a pretty good deal for anyone who might like to co-sponsor our trip. For a donation I will-
1. Draw and post a cartoon similar to Stacy's toon above, which will appear and/or be linked for a day on both the faithmouse site and related domains (,,, and and accessible by one to ten thousand cartoon affiliates, link partners, and linked posts.
2. Add your cartoon permanently to my page of pro-life cartoons, which is ranked #1 on Google and Yahoo under both 'pro-life cartoons' and 'anti-abortion cartoons', with both a link to your site from the cartoon (complete with keyword rich alt tags) and beneath it. Spiders and robots prize these sort of highly ranked, rich content links, so in addition to any traffic generated from the link it should have the ancillary effect of positively affecting your site rankings.
3. Mail you a signed color copy of the finished cartoon (completed in Photoshop) along with the signed original artwork which I used for your cartoon.
4. Include your cartoon in my complimentary handouts at the conference in Washington and along the march route.

This is great publicity for your pro-life blog and a nifty way to participate in the conference without being there. It also helps to cover expenses for our trip, which would be very much appreciated.

I'll gladly accept a donation of any amount. Twelve $100 dollar donations would completely pay for the trip, as would one $1200 donation. If you're like me and subsidize your blogging with a job in the real world, you know how amazing it is to actually see a dollar from your work. So, if you can help, know that it's for a good cause, is a great value and is well appreciated. Thanks!

The Paypal button is below.
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