Tuesday, January 31, 2006

March For Life / ~Jewels~of~the~Jungle~ Cartoon

Click cartoon for larger image. Grande.

For ~Jewels~of~the~Jungle~ A great gallery by Jewel of the 33rd annual March For Life in Washington, D.C. The thumbnail images I included in the cartoon are representative of the 'age' of the March, or in the words of Jewel herself-

"First thing I noticed about the crowds was how many high-school and college age girls there were. They were thick as porridge (I think we should use that expression more often, don’t you?) around us. Made me laugh when I remembered how Planned Parenthood likes to stereotype us as grey-faced old men. "

Someone has listed faithmouse at Comixpedia. Thanks! Thanks also to Laer for showing a Terri Schiavo toon in this post at Cheat Seeking Missiles. Amberxo has posted a number of faithmouse pro-life toons on the gurl.com message board. Blessings to Q for posting a recent Neverborn toon on his Interesting To Catholics. Christian News In Maine posted a recent ACLU toon in its January 7th thru January 13th issue.

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