Sunday, January 01, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Happy New Ferrets

Click image for larger version. Larger.

Updated version of the image which appeared yesterday
on the Sunday Funnies post at Stop The ACLU.

If you compare this cartoon to the sketch in the previous post you'll notice that I decided to drop a ferret rather than risk the viewer surmising that the characters must be flying around in some sort of a UFO. I saved the toon in some of the feeds as a GIF image before converting it to a JPEG. You can create some dandy 'low tech' textures in this way (click the toon above to see what I'm referring to) and the JPEG setting reproduces the textures faithfully while creating an even smaller, faster loading file.

I'm planning on updating the Catholic feed of the cartoon much more often this year, and also to include in each of these cartoons information from the liturgical calendar. Here's an example.

I caught about an hour of Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show, and didn't once see a shared shot of him with any other host in the studio. He truly seemed alone in a crowd of millions.

Thanks to Chad who plans a link to faithmouse somewhere on his energetic and activist oriented Culture Jam For Life. Thirteen year old CartoonBaron at his ComixBlog has added a much appreciated link. Good duck joke! The missionary oriented A Tale Of Five Cities (under construction) has included faithmouse as a 'useful link'. Can't ask for more than that.

I have a notion for helping to promote both fellow pro-life sites and the upcoming Blogs4Life, and also to cover some of my expenses for the trip to Washington. I think it's a pretty good deal for a good cause (good publicity for your blog both by way of faithmouse affiliates, a number of other sites and directly at the Family Research Center, in addition to the opportunity to own some original faithmouse artwork). If you're a fan of the cartoon, I would appreciate any support you might be able to offer. More info tomorrow!

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