Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blogs4Life / Book Of Daniel, In Progress

Thanks to Stacy Harp who posted yesterday's Blogs4Life toon on her Blog For Books and Writing Right, as well as the well respected La Shawn Barber for giving the sponsorship drive a much appreciated plug. Christian Media virtuoso Danny Carlton at Blog Ad Swap, Jack Lewis and Family Net Home has kindly donated a number of free ads to help promote the conference, which is sufficient motivation for adding a third column to this site, something I've previously considered.

I'll be using the template above for non-sponsor toons (see previous post) during the next few weeks, which will feature mini-versions of current events cartoons such as the 'Book Of Daniel' NBC T.V. series toon in progress. Independent versions of these toons will be posted adjunctly here on the site.

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